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MAAS TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION is Vietnam's premier educational organization in the field of academic writing, bringing together a team of highly qualified experts to assist students all over the world.

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MAAS is proud of a team of experienced professionals who graduated from Master, Ph.D. from prestigious universities in the world, diverse with many different academic fields and specialties. We are committed to providing you with the best support service and ready to meet any of your wishes.

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Send the order information via email to to receive a price quote.

Step 2

Choose the service package you wish to order via the detailed quotation email sent by MAAS and proceed with the payment.
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Step 3

After successful payment, please provide complete order details and compile the documents to be submitted to MAAS.
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Step 4

After gathering all the necessary documents, MAAS will send you an email confirming the order along with the order code.

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MAAS has provided support to numerous students and learners worldwide, thanks to its team of experienced experts with a strong background in various fields. Our warranty policy, with clear terms and a commitment to delivering the best services to our customers, is a testament to our dedication.

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Manh Hung - Finance

"The customer support and writing team at MAAS are extremely fast, efficient, and professional. They are always available whenever I have any inquiries. Thanks to MAAS, my thesis was finally completed with results exceeding my expectations."

Hoang Mai - Business

"The pressure was immense as I tackled my first dissertation. MAAS stood by me throughout the entire process, actively addressing my concerns, even across different time zones. I am truly grateful to everyone involved!"

Mai Huong - Accounting

"I am extremely grateful for everyone's wholehearted support. Reading the article written by the writer, I can truly sense the time and effort that MAAS has put in to help me achieve such great results. I appreciate everyone's help so much. Thank you very much."

Why choose us?

MAAS has helped many students all around the world thanks to a team of skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in a variety of industries. Warranty policy with clear terms, committed to giving outstanding service to consumers. Furthermore, the consultants - the connection between clients and professionals - are available to answer any inquiries concerning the service. MAAS is continually striving to provide clients with high-quality products.


100% Confidentiality Guarantee

MAAS service quality is constantly guaranteed by a commitment to 100% confidentiality of customer information during service use, including personal information, order information, and all other relevant information.

Market diversification

Acknowledging the importance of helping customers in their pursuit of knowledge, MAAS consistently expands and develops services in key global markets, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand, China, and other countries in the near future.

A well-defined policy

99% of customers are satisfied, and more than 90% of customers refer friends and return to MAAS. Your faith is the driving force behind MAAS's future development.
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Experienced Professionals

MAAS's expert team has extensive experience and holds Master's and Ph.D. degrees from top universities over the world. Since experts understand the specifics of academic writing, your paper will be well-researched and successful in satisfying the requirements.

On-time Delivery

MAAS professionals ensure that all of your orders are completed in a timely manner, allowing you to double-check the content of your articles, provide timely feedback, and prevent them from going astray.

Academic Standards Qualified

MAAS is confident that every essay you receive will be exclusive and of the highest quality. Before delivering an essay to a consumer, the Quality Control team performs a comprehensive inspection.
Special attentions

MAAS exclusively delivers high-quality reference research papers to help you improve your academic performance and gain a deeper grasp of your areas of interest. We recognize that most students do not receive the assistance they require throughout their studies, thus MAAS was founded with the goal of providing you with high-quality academic materials, expert advise, and excellent customer service.

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Frequently asked question

MAAS is ready to listen to customer inquiries and provide quick and accurate responses, aiming to provide customers with the best experience in the Writing Service.

Assignments, Dissertations, Online tests, etc. are always a headache for students on their academic journey. However, not everyone has the ability, knowledge, and most importantly, the time to complete all their academic writing tasks effectively throughout their study process. Understanding these pressures, MAAS was founded with a mission to alleviate the burdens of assignments, deadlines, ideas, optimize time, and, most importantly, provide timely solutions to enhance the learning efficiency of international students, not only in Vietnam but also in other countries worldwide.

MAAS Education Technology is the first and only company in Vietnam to provide professional Writing Services for students from around the world. MAAS is the first legitimate company in the Vietnamese market, virtually without any competitors in this field.

Over the past 8 years of establishment and development, MAAS has continuously improved and expanded its services to compete with major Writing Service companies worldwide. To date, MAAS has affirmed its position in the academic field and has captured over 85% of the market share in Vietnam. MAAS has reached over 50% of potential customers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries.


MAAS Education Technology Joint Stock Company was established with business registration certificate number: 0316187114 issued by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment on March 9, 2020.

The legal representative is Ms. Do Mai Anh.

The address of MAAS is located at Lake View 1, 19 To Huu Street, Thủ Thiêm Ward, Thủ Đức City, Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2015, Mai Anh Assignment (MAAS) was founded, focusing on developing the market in Vietnam.

After 2 years of operation, in 2017, MAAS expanded its market to Australia, UK, Singapore, and completed over 5000 assignments with more than 2000 customers in the Vietnamese, Australian, UK, and Canadian markets.

In 2019, MAAS officially legalized and changed its name to MAAS Education Group, achieving outstanding growth with over 100 global collaborators and a professional in-house Quality Control team.

In 2020, the brand name was changed to MAAS Education Technology, and the Online Test service was introduced. MAAS Education Technology is a leading educational organization providing professional Writing Services to over 300,000 students worldwide.

Therefore, our company provides services that are legally compliant and legitimate.

Right from the recruitment process, MAAS continuously seeks out the most qualified candidates - the writers at MAAS are Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degree holders with excellent expertise and extensive experience in the field of writing service, ensuring the highest quality of service for our customers. Additionally, MAAS always encourages its team of experts to continuously engage in research, hone their skills, and enhance their knowledge to foster ongoing development and creativity.

All writers who apply to MAAS must complete writing tests and assignments that are assessed and evaluated by our Quality Assessment (QA) team. If the writers pass the competency evaluation tests, we verify their personal information and login credentials and allow them to work on a few preliminary orders. The QAs monitor the performance of the writers for a certain period and ultimately decide whether they are deserving of collaboration or not.

MAAS has created its own website with the domain name . In addition to providing information about the company, MAAS's website also offers detailed information about its service packages, such as Assignment Services, Dissertation Services, and Online Test.

The MAAS website serves as a platform not only for company information but also for customers to stay updated on news and articles related to the international learning environment. MAAS updates the website with new information and articles on a daily basis, ensuring that the content remains closely aligned with current realities.

Furthermore, MAAS maintains a presence on various social media platforms where customers can submit inquiries, exchange information, and engage with the company. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

MAAS has a team of professional writers with Master's and PhD degrees who are highly skilled. Therefore, MAAS guarantees that the articles it provides are unique and specifically designed to meet the requirements of the assignment, as well as the customer's score requirements.

MAAS is committed to not copying any articles or referencing sample articles from other websites. Each article is written by MAAS's professional writers and checked for plagiarism before being reviewed by the Quality Control team and delivered to the customer.

The process of placing an order at MAAS is as follows:

After receiving consultation from the customer care team (CSKH) at MAAS and reaching an agreement on the cost of the assignment, please provide all the necessary information about the essay as well as any specific requirements and the desired deadline through the customer information form.

Once the payment has been made and you have sent the transfer receipt to the CSKH department, MAAS will process your order and provide relevant materials to the writers. The writers will then conduct research and work on the essay to meet your desired deadline.

Customer's personal information such as name, phone number, and email will be held by the customer care department (CSKH) and is committed to not disclosing this information to any third party or other departments within the company. In any case, your personal information is always our top priority.

Furthermore, the writers who will be responsible for writing your essays will not have any information about your name, phone number, or even email address. Writers are only aware of the essay details and the requirements provided by the customer to accurately and professionally fulfill the order. Except for this information, writers will not provide any other personal information of the customer.

MAAS is committed to safeguarding customer information and not disclosing it to any third party. Therefore, when placing an order at MAAS, you can have complete peace of mind regarding the confidentiality of your information.

MAAS's privacy policy ensures complete confidentiality of your information from anyone and any organization. No one has the authority to request MAAS to provide customer information to anyone. Therefore, you can have complete peace of mind regarding whether your professors or teachers will know when using MAAS's services.

We are a third party that supports you in completing your essays, assignments, and other tasks at home with the goal of reference and achieving the promised grades. We do not encourage sending assignments from our writers to your educational institution!

Furthermore, assignments such as assignments, dissertations, and online tests at MAAS are always designed to be 100% unique by our experienced team of writers. We guarantee that no copying or editing is done from any source. The plagiarism rate of the delivered essays will always be within an acceptable range. Therefore, the essays will appear as typical academic papers.

You cannot make partial payments for an assignment because each piece of writing is based on a specific prompt, and each section of the assignment needs to be cohesive for the writing process to flow smoothly. Therefore, you are required to make full payment for the assignment before our customer support team sends the request to the writers for processing. (For any other payment-related inquiries, you can send the details to

However, for high-cost assignments with a large word count, such as Dissertations and Theses, MAAS provides support for customers to make payments in two stages to ensure you have enough time to prepare the necessary funds for your academic writing. Please contact our customer support team via the hotline at (+84) 979 422 393 or (+84) 898 511 588 for more detailed information.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the completed article at MAAS, you can consider the following options:

  • Request revisions from your assigned writer based on the teacher's feedback.
  • Request a different, more suitable writer without any additional charge.
  • Request MAAS to assist you in obtaining a refund for the price difference in the article package.

As a customer of MAAS, we always strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make our customers feel satisfied with our services.

Are you ready to place an order at MAAS?

MAAS provides innovative and valuable academic products from a team of expert writers who hold master's and Ph.D. degrees from world-renowned universities. MAAS has been keeping up with new learning trends for over 8 years in order to fulfill the tough expectations of the academic environment.